Warner Brothers senior vice

But a federal government rebate of $22 million meant Treasurer Scott Morrison was also eager to claim credit.
“I’ll send her the bill then,” Mr Morrison said.
“I’ve never had a discussion with the Premier about this issue.”
Mr Morrison said the decision to increase the Federal Location Tax Offset from 16.5 per cent to 30 per cent for the filming of Aquaman was a one-off decision.
Warner Brothers senior vice-president of physical production Danielle Dajani cautiously weighed in to the political bickering during a meeting with Ms Palaszczuk in Brisbane.

“The support of the state government was very instrumental in bringing the production to Queensland,” Ms Dajani said.
“It takes a team of people,” Ms Palaszczuk replied.
“We’re providing the super sound stage as well. And the workers.”
Ms Dajani said the deal was “a team effort”, but Opposition Leader Tim Nicholls wasn’t convinced.
“I’ve seen the numbers,” he said.
“I’d have to say the $22 million made the big difference.”
A document from Ms Palaszcuk’s June meeting with Warner Brothers executives reported it was a chance to “broaden the relationship with Warner Brothers to help secure production for Queensland”


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